Emerging Technologies

We pilot, test and implement emerging technologies and business processes to help move your business forward.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are in their infancy, however the implementation and integration of these technologies in businesses and in our lives is imminent. Prometheus has invested to stay on the cutting edge of these emerging technologies, as early developers for Oculus VR ® and Microsft’s HoloLens ®.

These are revolutionary tools we that can transform how companies, designers and creators work with immersive technology to bring products and information to life, how clients, people, and students come to expect to experience and learn about companies, products etc.

  • Imagine the power with design teams or with education and training, when as you bring learning alive when you move from flat illustrations to 3D images that your clients, your people, students etc. can alter, or examine from every angle.
  • Imagine with a simple gesture, being able to bring digital content anywhere any size right in front of you.  You can place digital content in physical spaces, where you can interact and experience it the same way you do physical objects.
  • Imagine when you can sit in your office, yet experience not just see-but experience what it’s like to walk on the moon, or be at an event (sports, musical or business event etc. ), or join any team in remote place.

Additionally, the use of sensors are everywhere, and jumping ahead to capitalize on the Internet of Things (IoT), is essential.  We can help you enable your business processes and understand the data to get ahead of the IoT curve.

We can run rapid design thinking labs, that incorporate user design principles, and emerging technologies for innovation and rapid product development.  The labs incorporate user design thinking principles, from empathy, and problem through prototyping, and testing of minimal viable product, and iterating and enhancing the solution to meet  the needs of the users. We can help you explore and pilot these emerging technologies that will transform how we work…we can help you think and deliver big.

Let Prometheus help you move forward